Calonge, the perfect stage on which to take my project forward: a historically agricultural land fringed by the Gavarres hills, keeping the summers mild and dry and tempering the northerly Tramuntana wind.

Historically agricultural and wine-growing region of the Baix Empordà district.

The area has elevated pH levels (6-7) and low organic matter, which are suitable to cultivate grapevines.

The southern slope of this coastal area has an elevated groundwater level, an important point which has helped the agricultural elements to fixate in this area.

The soil, which is of alluvial nature, is made up of mostly gravel, sand, mud and clay.

Thanks to the combination of an average rainfall of 400L*/m2, the proximity to the sea and the northerly wind of the Tramuntana at the skirts of the Gavarres mountains, this area is blessed with mild temperatures throughout the year.

Moreover, Calonge’s climate is ideal for growing vines, which is evidenced by the quality of its wines… Viníric is part of Calonge and represents Calonge at the same time.